Hey everybody,

Welcome back and thanks for reading my blog!  Porn and masturbation is a way of self-care for us…A VERY POOR WAY.  Why do we do it?  We are trying to numb our feelings and make ourselves feel better.  As we all know, that “good” feeling is only there for a very short time followed by guilt, shame and other negative feelings.  I personally have struggled with feelings of low self-esteem and have had two close family members (Dad and brother) die unexpectedly at different times.  Porn was my unhealthy coping mechanism!  We also might be feeling sad, depressed, lonely, hungry, tired, anxious, happy, entitled, and a whole host of other feelings.  These feelings can trigger us or cause us to “act out” aka look at porn/masturbate.  What can we do instead?  I have found that trying my best to take care of my overall health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health) in healthy ways have caused my desire to look at porn and masturbate to decline tremendously.  I’m not saying my triggers are gone and that there is never the temptation again, but by trying my best to take care of my health on a daily basis, the struggle is getting easier one day at a time.  Your homework for today is look up healthy ways of self-care and try to put them into practice (even setting small goals towards improving your overall well-being) and you too will find the desire to look at porn will decline and you can find more joy in your life!  Thanks for reading, catch ya next time!