Hey everyone,

Charles here!  Thanks again for reading my blog!  Today I wanted to talk about why it was so important for me to join a group to help with my journey of recovery and it could be helpful to you as well.  Last post I talked about how connection is so important to recover from addiction so joining a group is another very important tool towards staying connected!  How can we find a group?  The way I found a group is one of my friends (also struggled with porn addiction) told me about “Sex Addicts Anonymous.”  I was like “what the heck is that?”  He offered to go with me and I met a group of like minded individuals who also wanted to break free of porn and sex addiction.  Best of all its free of charge and usually not too far away from most major cities.  It is amazing to meet other individuals that are struggling with the same problems and whose stories are very similar to mine!  I am not alone in this struggle and neither are you!  You can google these fellowships and there are a few different ones that you can join and find one that’s right for you.  I found 4 different ones so far (SA, SAA, SLAA, SCA).  I’ll put a link to their websites at the end of this blog.  They also have free resources on their websites and literature you can order.  If you live in an area that isn’t near any of the places they meet, they also have a list of phone telemeetings that you can join by calling in or even using skype.  I very much enjoy this resource tool and I try to call into several of them a week.  This is a key tool I use in my recovery to share how I’m feeling, progress I’m making, any triggers I’m facing and staying connected with others.  I also highly recommend getting a sponsor from the program as soon as possible so they can help you make progress in the program you choose.  We can’t do it alone and its ok to ask for help! 🙂   Thanks for tuning in, try and set a goal this week to research different recovery groups in your area and see which one might be right for you.  Until next time, stay safe and sober out there!


Links to different recovery groups (See which one is right for you or maybe there are other ones out there as well).