Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining me again on my blog! I want to talk about Isolation and it’s affect on creating an environment for porn addiction. When we humans isolate, we often tend to seek our own needs and desires and sometimes they are not healthy. We may practice poor self-care with regards our body and do whatever feels good to us. We also don’t like being told how to live our lives and want to do our own thing and figure out life on our own (especially a lot of us men lol). Sometimes we don’t want to feel our feelings especially if they are negative ones and we may get addicted to porn and masturbation to “numb” ourselves and not deal with these feelings. (I know what that’s like!). We get in this unhealthy cycle of numbing our feelings by porn and masturbation and it is very hard to quit. What can we do to get out of this negative cycle?

1st recovery tool I’ve learned:

Connection! I have never met anyone yet who was able to quit porn on their own. I hid my own addiction with porn and masturbation for probably 8 years before I told anyone. I definitely wish I told someone much sooner! Once I opened up about it to some trusted friends (and eventually my wife), my addiction would never have the same power over me! Was I cured? No, but opening up to ones we can trust and be vulnerable with is a big step in breaking free of porn and masturbation. What if we don’t have anyone we can talk to about this issue? There are many free resources where we can connect with others with similar struggles.

2nd recovery tool I’ve discovered:

I personally use an app called “Rtribe”. It is like a social media app for those struggling with various addictions (including porn and sex addiction). I installed this on my phone and was able to add friends based on similar struggles and now I have a great community of guys that I check in with DAILY. It also has new journaling prompts every day, sobriety tracking and an “I’m triggered button” which I pressed a couple weeks ago and literally had 20-30 friends within minutes message me encouraging me to keep on the path to recovery and because of this I stayed sober. Those are my two recovery tools for the day and if I can leave you with a goal today: reach out to someone you can share your struggle with and try to check in with them with your feelings and progress on a regular basis. That’s all for today, thanks for reading!


Here’s a link to the Rtribe app download: